Saturday, February 25, 2012

Race 12-08 Discover Valley of Fire Day #1 2hr.

- 1:58:19 - 6th/17

Due to not qualifying for the National Snowshoe Championship this year (lack of snow in my region caused qualifying events to be cancelled) I unexpectedly had a free weekend. Since I already had scheduled the time off of work and budgeted for a trip I decided to run the Discover Valley of Fire orienteering events near Las Vegas, NV. On Saturday there was a 2 hour event and Sunday there were 2, 4, and 6 hour events.

I drove to Vegas Friday afternoon/evening and although I got there late I had plenty of time for a good night’s sleep since the race Saturday didn’t begin until 1PM. The location was the Valley of Fire State Park which is an hour northeast of Las Vegas close to Lake Mead and the Arizona border. It is a Red Rocks park not too far of a drive and there were a fair number of other visitors there. On the drive in I saw several bighorn sheep running across the open plains.

The only people I knew there were Rex Winterbottom who was the event organizer and Bud Laird who I had seen a year ago and Red Rocks Canyon Park. It looked a lot easier than it turned out to be. Rex explained the instructions which were similar to other events he had put on except for how we were to check in at the controls. Usually there is an orange orienteering bag identifying the spot. Since the park wouldn’t let him leave even temporary markings out on the course, in order to check in we were given answer sheets that contained 2 images and we needed to circle which of the 2 images was visible from the control location. There were 17 teams total and many of the teams had multiple people. The weather was warm and very sunny.

I started out to get the control closest to the start as did at least 2/3 of the people. The rock formation where the control was located was extremely easy to find however identifying the picture turned out to be nearly impossible. A bunch of us climbed all over the rock formation looking to see something that resembled one of the photos but I believe only 1 team actually found at. At one point I got high up and could observe a dozen other people around all looking in different spots. After 20 minutes I had to give up on it and move on.

The 2nd control was easy to find but identifying which picture was correct was not easy. After about 5 minutes I found it and I had finally got my first control over a half hour in. I progressed toward the 3rd control which was supposed to be in a canyon. After passing by where I thought the canyon entrance would be I couldn’t find the canyon and decided to skip it I found the 4th rock formation as easily as I found the 2nd and identifying the picture was a little easier. Another team was there as well and they had identified it right before me.

I considered going to get one more and returning at least to get a good time (in the case of a tie for points, fastest time wins) so I headed out toward what Rex called was the easiest one to find. He was right – it was a sign at the top of some stairs and the stairs were easy to spot from quite far away. From there I decided to get 2 more, both similar to the first couple controls I had already gotten – large rocks standing alone on the flat plane. I found both without too much difficulty and made it back to the start with only 1:41 minute to spare although I could have run back faster if I needed to.

I finished with 275 which was good for 6th out of 17. I was relived to hear that several other teams had the same difficulty I did with finding the controls. Bud had scored 400 points but lost 450 due to coming back too late and another team had 300 but lost 450 for the same reason. While on the course I considered only running for 4 hours at Sunday’s event as I didn’t want to be out there for 6 hours just looking for controls when I knew I was in the vicinity. It was a fun event but I would hesitate to do many more where the specific landscapes are being used for controls are so difficult to find.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Race Schedule

At the beginning of every year I prepare a master race schedule for the year. usually I haven't shared it unless people ask. From time to time people ask me if I "know any races" of a certain distance in a short time frame but generally no one asks me for any type of comprehensive list.

This year I've decided to publish the entire list on this blog. It covers mostly Northern California plus some races outside of the Norcal area that are on my radar. The events are sorted chronologically by date, with some events at the very bottom that I need to obtain more informaiton on. These events are either slower at announcing their dates or difficult to find online. There are about 350 different events listed here with over 500 race options since some events have more than 1 distance available. I'm not intending on indicating which ones I'll participating in because other than about 20 specific races I don't plan more than a month ahead. I decide as I go although I'll be happy to respond if anyone wants to know.

At this time please be aware this list is not finalized. Things to do:
1. a handful of races in the top section don't have dates finalized but I've made educated guess based on past history. I will indicate which ones.
2. get rid of that huge blank space just below here (does anyone know how?)
3. link to as many of the race websites as I can
4. provide explanation as to the series abbreviations

Race Series 2012 Date Notes
Los Gatos Resolution Run 5mi.   1/1/12  
New Year's Day Marina Green 5k DSE 1/1/12  
Run for a Healthy World 10K   1/1/12  
La Ciaspolada 10k   1/6/12  
Baz Winter Trail Run #1 12k Baz 1/7/12  
Crystal Springs 5 mi./11 mi./22 mi./Marathon/50k CTR 1/7/12  
Los Gatos Street Scramble 90 min/3hr (bike or run) GL 1/7/12  
Boney Mountain Trail Run 21k/6k Xt 1/8/12  
Golden Gate Park 10k DSE 1/8/12  
Castle to Coast 8.2mi.   1/14/12  
Ballpark 5k DSE 1/15/12  
Hamilton Levees 5k-10k TCRS 1/19/12  
Baz Winter Trail Run #2 15k Baz 1/21/12  
CTR Blazer Award Ceremony CTR 1/21/12 invite only
Oakland Streets and Ladders 5k/10k/25k (bike or run) Ter 1/21/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 1/22/12  
Brooks Falls 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 1/22/12  
Northstar Snowshoe Social and Race Series 21k #2 NsS 1/22/12  
Tenessee Valley 3.78mi. TCRS 1/22/12  
Waterfront 10mi./5k DSE 1/22/12  
DSE Gala Dinner   1/27/12 invite only
Mission Street Scramble 90min/3hr (bike or run) GL 1/28/12  
Steep Ravine 7mi./Half Marathon/30k/Marathon/50k CTR 1/28/12  
The Dam Run 5k/10k Wolf 1/28/12  
Arts and Sciences 5k DSE 1/29/12  
Mt. Shasta Snowshoe Race   1/29/12  
Preseason Burn Series 200ydS+10kStaB+1.5mi.R/400ydS+10kStaB+1.5mi.R PBS 1/29/12  
Baz Winter Trail Run #3 18k Baz 2/4/12  
Death Valley Borax Marathon/Half Marathon/10k Env 2/4/12  
Jed Smith 50k PA-U 2/4/12  
Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon   2/5/12  
Mission Gorge Trail Run 15k/5k Xt 2/5/12  
3 Bears 5k/Duathlon (2.2+18.7+2) Wolf 2/11/12  
Golden Gate 5mi./Half Marathon/30k/Marathon/50k CTR 2/11/12  
Golden Gate Bridge Vista 10k DSE 2/12/12  
Las Trampas Scramble 3hr. BAOC 2/12/12  
Montaña de Oro 8k/12k/25k/50k PCTR 2/12/12  
Tamalpa Couples Relay   2/12/12  
Baz Winter Trail Run #4 21k Baz 2/18/12  
Buzz 1/2Marathon/Marathon   2/18/12  
Racing Gnome Snow Run   2/18/12 cancelled
Chinese New Year 5k/10k   2/19/12  
Conservatory 5k DSE 2/19/12  
COOL Vasona Lake County Park BAOC 2/19/12  
President's Day Coyote Point 5k/10k Sky 2/20/12  
Chabot 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 2/25/12  
Discovery Valley of Fire Day 1 2hr Ter 2/25/12  
National Snowshoe Championship 10k   2/25/12  
National Snowshoe Citizens 5k   2/25/12  
Pacifica 9k/21k/30k/50k PCTR 2/25/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 2/26/12  
Discovery Valley of Fire Day #1 2hr Ter 2/26/12  
Fort Point 10k DSE 2/26/12  
La Jolla Canyon 5 mi./11 mi./30k/Marathon/50k CTR 2/26/12  
National Snowshoe Relay Championship 4x2.5k   2/26/12  
Preseason Burn Series 200ydS+10kStaB+1.5mi.R/400yd.S+10kStaB+1.5mi.R PBS 2/26/12  
Valley of Fire Day #2 2hr/4hr/6hr Ter 2/26/12  
Baz Winter Trail Run #5 30k Baz 3/3/12  
Get Lost in Fort Ord (Seaside) Rogaine GL 3/3/12  
Malibu Creek 10k/25k/50k PCTR 3/3/12  
Montara Mountain 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon/50k CTR 3/3/12  
Norcal 10mi. PA-R 3/3/12  
Woodside King's Mountain Half Marathon/5mi. Env 3/3/12  
COOL Tilden Regional Park BAOC 3/4/12  
Embarcadero 10k DSE 3/4/12  
Romancing the Island 25k/12k Env 3/10/12  
Way Too Cool 50k PA-U 3/10/12  
408k Race to the Row 5k   3/11/12  
Blackie Pasture 5k-10k TCRS 3/11/12  
St. Patrick's Day 5k DSE 3/11/12  
Canyon Meadow 5mi./Half Marathon/30k/Marathon/50k CTR 3/17/12  
Modesto Marathon/Half Marathon/5k   3/17/12  
Nor Cal 5k/Duathlon (2.2+18.7+2) Wolf 3/17/12  
Northstar Snowshoe Social and Race Series 5k/10k #3 NsS 3/17/12  
Sprint Black Diamond GL 3/17/12  
Across the Bay 12k PA-R 3/18/12  
Get Lost in Black Diamond Rogaine GL 3/18/12  
Rodeo Valley 8k/Half Marathon/35k & 50k ITR 3/18/12  
Big Sur Mud Run 5mi.   3/24/12  
Discover the Bay 6hr/12hr (foot+public transport) Ter 3/24/12  
Napa Valley Trail Marathon/Half Marathon/10k Env 3/24/12  
Pirates Cove 8k/20k/30k/50k PCTR 3/24/12  
Woodside Ramble 10k/Half Marathon/36k/50k ITR 3/24/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 3/25/12  
Granite Bay Folsom Lake white/yellow/orange/advanced GCO 3/25/12  
Preseason Burn Series 200ydS+10kStaB+1.5mi.R/400yd.S+10kStaB+1.5mi.R PBS 3/25/12  
Rancho Penasquito 15k/5k Xt 3/25/12  
Windmill 10k DSE 3/25/12  
Ayala Cove 5mi./10 mi./15 mi CTR 3/31/12  
Golden Gate Headlands Marathon/Half Marathon/7mi. Env 3/31/12  
Redwood Peak 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 3/31/12  
Northstar Snowshoe Social and Race Series 5k/10k #4 NsS 4/1/12  
Sactown 10 mi. PA-R 4/1/12  
Walt Stack 10k DSE 4/1/12  
American River 50mi. PA-U 4/7/12  
Big Bunny Fun Run 5k   4/7/12  
Golden Bears 5k/Duathlon (2.2+18.7+2) Wolf 4/7/12  
Grizzly Peak 10k/Half Marathon/30k/Marathon CTR 4/7/12  
Millbrae Street Scramble 90min/3hr (bike or run) GL 4/7/12  
Northstar Snowshoe Social and Race Series 5k/10k #5 NsS 4/7/12  
Artichoke Half Marathon/10k Sky 4/8/12  
Easter Roller Coaster 5k DSE 4/8/12  
Cinderella 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon/50k CTR 4/12/12  
Empire One Holyoke 5k   4/12/12  
Merrimack River Trail Race 10mi.   4/14/12  
Muir Woods Marathon/Half Marathon/7mi. Env 4/14/12  
San Juan Trail 50k Baz 4/14/12  
Woodside 10k/17k/35k/50k PCTR 4/14/12  
Bay Trail 4mi. DSE 4/15/12  
Lucas Valley Sleepy Hollow Ridge 5k-10k TCRS 4/15/12  
Presidio 10M   4/15/12  
An Cu Liath City Run 3mi.   4/16/12  
Boston Marathon   4/16/12  
SMAC weekly 5k Northampton MA   4/17/12  
Empire One Holyoke 5k   4/19/12  
Horseshoe Lake 5mi./Half Marathon/Marathon/50k CTR 4/19/12  
Ruth Anderson 100k/50mi./50k PA-U 4/21/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 4/22/12  
Metro Triathlon 1.5kS+40kB+10kR/0.5mi.S+15mi.B+3mi.R SVE 4/22/12  
Napa Valley Silverado Half Marathon/5k Env 4/22/12  
Sacramento Bar white/yellow/orange/advanced GCO 4/22/12  
Zippy 5k PA-R 4/22/12  
Discover Sonoma 2hr/4hr Ter 4/28/12  
Folsom Lake 10k/Half/Marathon/50k ITR 4/28/12  
Great Spear It 5mi./5k/1mi.   4/28/12  
Dipsea Practice Run 6.8mi. DSE 4/29/12  
Malibu Creek 22k/6k Xt 4/29/12  
Topanga Canyon TBD PCTR 4/29/12  
MiWok 100k PA-U 5/5/12  
Napa Valley Vintage Half Iron Env 5/5/12  
The Relay May   5/5/12  
Big Trees 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 5/6/12  
Forest Park 20k/50k PCTR 5/6/12  
Lake Merced 4.5mi. DSE 5/6/12  
Napa Valley Sprint Triathlon (0.5mi.+11mi.+3mi.) Env 5/6/12  
Run on the Sly 50k/20M/Half Marathon/12k   5/9/12  
Quicksilver 50mi./50k PA-U 5/12/12  
Rossmoor Bar white/yellow/orange/advanced GCO 5/12/12  
Sycamore Canyon 8k/18k/30k/50k PCTR 5/12/12  
Bear Valley/Point Reyes 5k-10k TCRS 5/13/12  
Mother's Day Marina Green 5k DSE 5/13/12  
Santa Cruz Street Scramble 90min/3hr/7hr (bike or run) GL 5/19/12  
Silver State 50mi./50k PA-U 5/19/12  
Bay to Breakers 12K   5/20/12  
Ohlone Wilderness 50k PA-U 5/20/12  
Tilden Tough 10mi. EBTS 5/20/12  
Tilden Trail Adventure 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 5/20/12  
DSE Donut Dash Fun Run 4mi.   5/24/12  
China Camp 5k/10k/Half Marathon ITR 5/26/12  
Front Range 50k PCTR 5/26/12  
Low Tide Run 4mi.   5/26/12  
Summit Challenge 10mi./10k/5k   5/26/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 5/27/12  
San Franciscan Mile and Strawberry Hill 5k DSE 5/27/12  
Marin Memorial Day 10k PA-R 5/28/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 5/31/12  
Diablo Marathon/60k PCTR 6/2/12  
Shadow of the Giants 50k Baz 6/2/12  
Canyon Meadow 5 mi./Half Marathon/30k/Marathon/50k CTR 6/3/12  
Coastal Trail Challenge 10k DSE 6/3/12  
K2 Summit 10k/Half Marathon/35k/50k ITR 6/3/12  
Lake Chabot Trail Challenge Half Marathon/5k EBTS 6/3/12  
Reservoir Triathlon 1.5kS+40kB+10kR/0.5mi.S+15mi.B+3mi.R SVE 6/3/12  
Splash and Dash Cupertino 1500m+5k SDC 6/7/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 6/7/12  
Sprint the Golden Gate (June 8-10) GL 6/8/12  
Dipsea   6/9/12  
Udder Run 5mi.   6/9/12  
Skyline to the Sea Marathon/50k PCTR 6/10/12  
Twin Peaks 4mi. DSE 6/10/12  
Pacifica Foothills 10k/Half Marathon/50k ITR 6/16/12  
ZR San Francisco 10k/Half Marathon CTR 6/16/12  
Father's Day Conservatory 5k DSE 6/17/12  
Splash and Dash Uvas 1mi.S/2mi.S/1mi.S+3mi.R/2mi.S+6mi.R SDU 6/17/12  
Woodminster 9mi. EBTS 6/17/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 6/21/12  
Alaska Mayor's Marathon   6/23/12  
Double Dipsea 13.7mi.   6/23/12  
San Lorenzo River 10k/Half Marathon/30k/Marathon/50k CTR 6/23/12  
Western States 100mi. PA-U 6/23/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 6/24/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 6/28/12  
Inside Trail Endurance Challenge 50k & 50 Miles ITR 6/30/12  
Mill Valley Street Scramble 90min/3hr/7hr (bike or run) GL 6/30/12  
Polo Field 5k DSE 7/1/12  
Skyland Mountain Run 10k   7/1/12  
Splash and Dash Cupertino 1500m+5k SDC 7/5/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 7/5/12  
Baz Summer Trail Run #1 Bass Lake Vista 14k Baz 7/7/12  
Mt. Diablo 10k/Marathon/50k ITR 7/7/12  
Pacifica 9k/21k/30k/50k PCTR 7/7/12  
Toes 4mi./Duathlon (3.6mi.+22mi.+2mi.)/Triathlon (3.6mi.+22mi.+4mi. = R+B+Kayak) Wolf 7/7/12  
6 Hour Distance Classic and Crissy Field 5k DSE 7/8/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 7/12/12  
Golden Gate 5mi./Half Marathon/30k/Marathon/50k CTR 7/14/12  
Golden Gate Escape 5k/10k/25k Ter 7/14/12  
Headlands Marathon/50mi. PCTR 7/14/12  
Downtown San Rafael Mile PA-R 7/15/12  
Fort Mason 5k DSE 7/15/12  
Lake Tahoe Sharkfest Swim 1.2mi. Env 7/15/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 7/19/12  
McInnis Park 3.5mi. TCRS 7/20/12  
Baz Summer Trail Run #2 Shadow of the Giants 18k Baz 7/21/12  
Tahoe Rim Trail 100mi. PA-U 7/21/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 7/22/12  
La Sportiva Table Rock 25k ITR 7/22/12  
San Bruno Mountain 5k/12k DSE 7/22/12  
Splash and Dash Uvas 1mi.S/2mi.S/1mi.S+3mi.R/2mi.S+6mi.R SDU 7/22/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 7/26/12  
Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim 1.5mi. Env 7/28/12  
Monterey Street Scramble GL 7/28/12  
To be announced soon 10k/Half Marathon ITR 7/28/12  
Wildwood 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon CTR 7/28/12  
San Francisco Marathon   7/29/12  
Splash and Dash Cupertino 1500m+5k SDC 8/2/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 8/2/12  
Baz Summer Trail Run #3 Snow Play Loop 14k Baz 8/4/12  
Santa Cruz 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 8/4/12  
Presidio Cross Country 5k DSE 8/5/12  
Snow Valley Trail Run 21k/10k Xt 8/5/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 8/9/12  
Crystal Springs 5 mi./11 mi./22 mi./Marathon/50k CTR 8/11/12  
Dammit Run 5mi.   8/11/12  
Golden Gate Sharkfest Swim 1.6mi. Env 8/11/12  
Montaña de Oro 8k/12k/25k/50k PCTR 8/11/12  
Oakland Peak to Bay 5k/10k/25k Ter 8/11/12  
Brisbane Scenic Run 12k/5k DSE 8/12/12  
Skyline 50k PA-U 8/12/12  
Stevens Creek 50k   8/12/12  
Vintage Oaks Deer island 5k-10k TCRS 8/12/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 8/16/12  
Cinderella 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon/50k CTR 8/18/12  
Headlands 50mi./100mi. PCTR 8/18/12  
DSE Volunteer Appreciation Picnic DSE 8/19/12 invite only
Race Thru Redwoods 10k   8/19/12  
Splash and Dash Uvas 1mi.S/2mi.S/1mi.S+3mi.R/2mi.S+6mi.R SDU 8/19/12  
Summer Lake Merced 4.5mi. Merc 8/23/12  
Baz Summer Trail Run #4 Fish Camp 10mi. Baz 8/24/12  
Berkeley and Oakland Hills Street Scramble GL 8/25/12  
Big Trees 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 8/25/12  
Headlands 50k PA-U 8/25/12  
Plate to Plate 5k   8/25/12  
10k on the Bay   8/26/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 8/26/12  
Golden Gate Park Cross Country 5k DSE 8/26/12  
Golden Gate Duathlon (3.6mi.+22mi.+2mi.) Wolf 9/1/12  
Marina Green 5k DSE 9/2/12  
ZombieRunner Vasona Lake 5 mi & Half Marathon CTR 9/3/12  
Palo Alto Moonlight Run   9/7/12  
Auburn Trail Run 10k/Half Marathon/35k/50k ITR 9/9/12  
Rainbow Falls 5k DSE 9/9/12  
River Bend Park white/yellow/orange/advanced GCO 9/9/12  
Diablo 4 mi./10 mi./Half Marathon/Marathon/50k CTR 9/15/12  
Get Lost in Fort Jackson Rogaine GL 9/15/12  
Deer Park 5k-10k TCRS 9/16/12  
Lake Merced Half Marathon and 4.5mi. DSE 9/16/12  
Marsh Land Trail Run 5k/10k/Half Marathon ITR 9/16/12  
Coastal 50k CTR 9/22/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 9/23/12  
Diablo 8k/25k/50k PCTR 9/23/12  
Oyster Point 5mi. DSE 9/23/12  
Big Sur Trail Marathon/Half Marathon/5mi. Env 9/29/12  
Woodside 10k/17k/35k/50k PCTR 9/29/12  
Bridge to Bridge 12k/7k   9/30/12  
Discover San Diego 2hr/4hr/6hr Ter 9/30/12  
Redwood Peak 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 9/30/12  
Fall Showdown 5k/10k/Half Marathon Wolf 10/6/12  
San Juan Capistrano Trail 10k Baz 10/6/12  
Bizz Johnson 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon CTR 10/7/12  
Montaña de Oro 8k/12k/25k/50k PCTR 10/7/12  
Stern Grove 4mi. DSE 10/7/12  
To be announced soon 5k – Half Marathon ITR 10/7/12  
Chinatown Street Scramble GL 10/13/12  
Firetrails 50mi./Golden Hills Trail Marathon PA-U 10/13/12  
San Francisco One Day 12/24 Hour PCTR 10/13/12  
Bahia Vista 5k-10k TCRS 10/14/12  
Briones Crest 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon ITR 10/14/12  
Briones Regional Park BAOC 10/14/12  
Point Mugu Trail Run 18k/11k Xt 10/14/12  
Rockaway Beach 5k DSE 10/14/12  
San Diego Sharkfest Swim 1mi. Env 10/14/12  
Mississippi Bar white/yellow/orange/advanced GCO 10/18/12  
Lower Sunrise & Sacramento Bar white/yellow/orange/advanced GCO 10/20/12  
The Bears 5k/Duathlon (2.2+18.7+2) Wolf 10/20/12  
Amsterdam Marathon   10/21/12  
Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon PA-R 10/21/12  
Kennedy Drive 8k DSE 10/21/12  
Malibu Canyon 10k/25k/50k CTR 10/21/12 tentative
Topanga Canyon TBD PCTR 10/21/12  
Halloween Hustle 5k/10k/25k Ter 10/27/12 Belmont, CA
Whiskeytown 50k PA-U 10/27/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 10/28/12  
Falcon Crest 10k/Half/Marathon/50k ITR 10/28/12  
Forest Park 20k/50k PCTR 10/28/12  
Great Highway 4mi. DSE 10/28/12  
Morgan Hill Marathon/Half Marathon   10/28/12  
Morgan Territory Reg. Preserve begin./intermediate/advanced/competitive BAOC 10/28/12  
ZombieRunner Halloween 5 mi./Half Marathon/Marathon CTR 10/31/12 tentative
Henry Coe Trex (Nov 2-4) GL 11/2/12 40 hour event
Lake Chabot 5mi./Half Marathon/Marathon/50k CTR 11/3/12  
Arts and Sciences 5k DSE 11/4/12  
Saddleback Trail Marathon Baz 11/4/12  
To be announced soon Half Marathon – 50 Miles ITR 11/4/12  
Discover Red Rock Canyon Park Day 1 2hr Ter 11/10/12  
Last Chance 50mi./50k PA-U 11/10/12  
Clarksburg County Run Half Marathon PA-R 11/11/12  
Discover Red Rock Canyon Park Day 2 2hr/4hr/6hr Ter 11/11/12  
Embarcadero 10k DSE 11/11/12  
Mt. Tam 10k/Half Marathon/30k/50k ITR 11/11/12  
Land's End Street Scramble GL 11/17/12  
Santa Cruz Turkey Trot 10k   11/17/12  
PA-USATF Championship 6.09mi. PA-X 11/18/12  
Santa Monica Mountains 9k/12k/18k/30k/50k PCTR 11/18/12  
Single/Double Lake Merced 4.5mi./9mi. DSE 11/18/12  
Spooner's Cove 5 mi./7 mi./25 k/50k CTR 11/18/12  
Topanga Turkey Trot 15k/10k/5k Xt 11/22/12  
Turkey Trail Trot 5mi.   11/22/12  
Quadruple Dipsea 28.4mi. PA-U 11/24/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 11/25/12  
Redwood High 5k TCRS 11/25/12  
Run Wild 5k/10k   11/25/12  
Death Valley Trail Marathon/30k Env 12/1/12  
Holiday Hustle 5k/10k/25k Ter 12/1/12 Alameda, CA
North Face Championship Marathon/Marathon Relay/50k/50mi.   12/1/12  
To be announced soon 5k/10k/Half Marathon ITR 12/1/12  
Ferry Building 4mi. DSE 12/2/12  
North Face Championship 1/2 mar/10k/5k   12/2/12  
Xterra Trail Run World Cahmpionships 21k Xt 12/2/12 Oahu, HI
Coyote Ridge 7 mi./10 mi./20 mi./Marathon/50k CTR 12/8/12  
San Carlos Street Scramble GL 12/8/12  
Golden Gate Park 10k DSE 12/9/12  
Sailor Bar GCO 12/9/12  
Dam Run Jingle Bell Dash 5k/10k Wolf 12/15/12  
Northstar Snowshoe Social and Race Series 5k/10k #1 NsS 12/15/12  
Woodside Ramble 10k/Half Marathon/36k/50k ITR 12/15/12  
Christmas Relays 4.46mi. PA-R 12/16/12  
ZombieRunner Bay Trail 5 mi./Half Marathon/Marathon CTR 12/16/12 tentative
Willow Glen Holiday Light 60min/90min. BAOC 12/16/12  
4th Sunday 5k/10k LMJS 12/23/12  
Mission Rock 5k DSE 12/23/12 will run this backwards
Golden Gate Bridge Vista 10k DSE 12/30/12  
Rodeo Valley 8k/Half Marathon/35k & 50k ITR 12/30/12  
Woodside 10k/17k/35k/50k PCTR 12/30/12  
New Year's One Day 6h/12h/24h CTR 12/31/12 tentative
Race Dates not obtained      
St. Patty's Day 5k Alameda      
John C Trettin 5k     Lompoc, CA
Muddy Buddy Mud    
Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run 5k/10k      
New Balance Excelsior Dinner     invite only
Chabot College Winter Track Meet Series CCWTM   Saturday in Feb?
Chabot College Summer Track Meet Series CCTM   Tuesdays in Jun+July
Los Gatos Winter Track Meet Series LGWTM   Saturdays in Jan+Feb
Tamalpa Track Meet Series TTM   Tuesdays in May-Sept Trail Series UR   various Saturdays
USATF Pacific Association XC Series PA-X   Saturdays in Aug-Nov